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On Aug.25 what all you have been waiting for is here. The second Titanic soundtrack is comming out. The cover will look like this:

Another "Titanic" spoof is in the works, with Leslie Nielsen reportedly in talks to steer the ship of "Titanic Too--It Missed the Iceberg."


Winslet Gets All Dolled Up

If you've thought of filling your bathtub with water and ice cubes and re-creating a night to remember by drowning your dollies as Titanic's Rose shivers on your rubber ducky, we have good news. Galoob Toys has announced that it will release a series of Titanic collector's dolls based on Kate Winslet's fiery character.

The first "Rose DeWitt Bukater" doll will be 11 1/2 inches tall and come dressed in the same empire-waisted crimson evening gown that her big-screen alter ego wore when she first met Leonardo DiCaprio's dashing Jack Dawson. We're assuming that the dress will be easy to doff for those late-night nude posing sessions.

"We are very happy to have the opportunity to market a series of dolls based on the very popular character of Rose from the biggest film of all time," says Gary Niles, Galoob's exec vice president of marketing and product acquisition.

The doll is scheduled to hit stores in October, with a reported retail price of around $70. Sorry, but right now there's no dead-but-still-dreamy Jack doll in the works.

Winslet Gets All Dolled Up, But Leo Doesn't

Well, it was Kate Winslet, not Leonardo DiCaprio who survived the shipwreck. Maybe that explains why, come this Christmas, you'll be able to plunk down hundreds on dolls and gowns modeled after Winslet's Titanic heroine, Rose DeWitt Bukater.
But all the riches in the world--i.e., one of DiCaprio's upcoming paychecks--won't buy you a Leo-like Jack "King of the World" Dawson doll.
Why? Because they're not making one.
Toymaker Galoob unveiled its plans this week for a Titanic doll line. And even though the Oscar-winning behemoth told the doomed love story of Rose and Jack, the doll line will peddle a solo act--just Rose.
The Jack snub has been explained two ways:
Messy dolls don't sell.
A brief stint in a tuxedo notwithstanding, steerage-class denizen Jack Dawson toiled in relative rags during the flick. And during the tearjerker's big finale, the guy was literally all wet. Not to mention blue.
"Nothing against Leonardo, but his clothes weren't quite as elegant as Kate's," an FAO Schwartz merchandising executive told Associated Press. (The ritzy toy store will hawk a special limited-edition Titanic series.)
Leo didn't want to sell out.
A DiCaprio publicist told TVGEN that the actor, already teendom's most desired plaything, was asked to give his face to a Titanic doll, but "he preferred not to."
The Galoob camp couldn't be reached for comment Wednesday.
While it's unclear if DiCaprio had veto power on a Jack doll, toy people say Winslet did sign off on the plastic version of her screen self.
"I wanted to capture the beauty and grace of Kate Winslet and a strength of character that she portrayed in the movie," Robert Tonner, who designed the special-edition line, told Associated Press.
In keeping with Winslet's un-Kate Moss proportions, the Rose doll will be more curvaceous than your average Barbie, although "a bit thinner" than your average Kate Winslet, Tonner said.
Whatever the measurements, you'll need a big, fat wallet to buy the stuff.
The 11-and-a-half-inch Rose doll reportedly will retail for between $69-79. (The FAO Schwartz version will run you $395.)
She'll come wearing the dress Rose wore during her first meeting with Jack--you know, the guy who'll be standing her up this time around.

Leo has signed on to star in "The Beach" for a reported $20 Million. "The Beach" is based on a novel by Alex Garland about a man named Richard (Leo) who finds a map to a secret paradise in his wacky neighbor's apartment, soon after the neighbor commits suicide. "Richard" decides to take some friends along to this tropical paradise, but eventually things turn violent.

Once again (as with "American Psychos") there is talk that this is a bad career move for Leo since the movie involves drugs, some people think this is bad for his image since he has acquired so many younger fans.

Apparently, Leo isn't psycho after all. Titanic king Leonardo DiCaprio has bailed on the big-screen version of Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho and its $20 million paycheck. The official line is that DiCaprio quit Amercian Psycho because he and the film's producer, Lions Gate, failed to agree on a start date. Hollywood trade papers termed the exit "amicable." The move comes just days after DiCaprio and possible costars Cameron Diaz, Jared Leto and James Woods participated in a script reading for Oliver Stone, who was interested in helming the film. Ever since Cannes, when Lions Gate giddily announced it had locked up Leo, American Psycho has been dogged by controversy. The Ellis novel with its detailed descriptions of torture and violence never endeared itself to critics or women's groups. Sure enough, the film version--and DiCaprio's involvement--was immediately targeted by the National Organization for Woman. Soon after, Leo's camp back-pedaled, insisting the actor never signed a contract with Lions Gate. But, his reps added, he was still interested. The project also rankled indie film types. Originally conceived as a relatively cheap $10-$15 million flick starring Christian Bale (The Portrait of a Lady) and directed by Mary Harron (I Shot Andy Warhol), American Psycho suddenly exploded into a $40 million extravaganza once DiCaprio came aboard. Both Bale and Harron got their walking papers. (Sources said that Bale and Harron, who worked on the film for two years, were "crushed" after discovering they had been dumped from the project--they apparently first read the news of their dismissal in Variety.) Suddenly Leo-less, American Psycho will now revert to its initial low budget status, with Harron returning to the director's seat. No word yet on casting or Bale's status with the project. Calls to the actor's manager were not immediately returned.